Temecula Guitar Lessons


Styles Taught

Amy teaches  all  acoustic  styles,  including  classical,  rock,  folk,  and  country. 

Teaching Philosophy

Learning a new instrument takes a combination of skill and dedication.  Those considering beginning guitar lessons should plan to dedicate at least 30 minutes every day to practicing the guitar.  Students will learn different ways of reading music, including tablature and notation.  Music theory is taught along with playing the guitar; this helps the student understand what they are playing.  A repertoire of music is built over time and students have songs and scales to take home to practice each week.  Technique is a focus in lessons, allowing the student to learn to play with ease using free and natural movements. 

It is never too late to learn how to play the guitar.  Adults of all ages and children 5 and older, from beginners to advanced players, are welcome.  Amy has a strong background teaching children and helps them have fun while learning about music.  

Recitals and Competitions

Amy provides annual studio recitals for students to have fun gaining performance experience.  Her students also have the opportunity to participate in recitals hosted by the Music Teacher's Association of California, with whom Amy is an active member.

Amy is also a member of the Musical Arts Competition of Orange County.  She prepares her students who choose to participate each year, and many of her students have won first, second, and third place for their age group. 

Certificate of Merit

The Music Teacher's Association of California has a Certificate of Merit program in which students are tested annually on music theory, technique, and repertoire  and  earn  a  graded  level  certificate.  Amy is the chair of the Guitar Syllabus Committee for Certificate of Merit for the state of California and encourages student participation.  Certificate of Merit is a great way for students to learn incrementally and achieve music goals. It can help prepare them for a future music career or schooling and increases performance ability and knowledge of music theory. 

Royal Conservatory of Music Certification

The   Royal  Conservatory  of Music  (RCM)  offers  a  certificate  program  in  which  students  are  tested  annually  on  technique  and  repertoire.  Higher  advanced  levels also  test  on  music  theory  and  ear  training.    Students  earn  a  graded  level  certificate.    RCM  certificate  testing  Is  offered  multiple  times  each  year  all  over  the country,  so  students  taking  lessons  with  Amy  online  in  other  states  can  participate  without  having  to  travel  for  exams.    RCM  has  been  established  for  130  years  and  is  widely  recognized   in  the  music  community   throughout  the  world.


Amy  teaches  on  weekday  morning,  afternoons,  and  early  evenings.    She  does  not  teach  on  Saturdays  or  Sundays.    Lessons  are  booked  once  a  week  for  30,  45,  or  60  minutes.    It  is  recommended  that  students  participating  in  the  Certificate  of  Merit  or  Royal  Conservatory  Certificate  programs  schedule  45  or  60  minute  lessons.    Tuition  is  paid  monthly  on  the  first  lesson  of  each  month.    48  hours  notice  is  required  to  change  a  scheduled  lesson.    Please  contact  Amy  directly  at  (714)  496-6395  or  AmyHiteGuitar@yahoo.com to  schedule  lessons.

Studio Location

Temecula  Home  Studio  

Temecula,  CA  92591

Amy’s  studio  is  located  in  the  Harveston  community  of  Temecula,  CA,  on  the  border  of  Temecula  and  Murrieta.    


Benefits of Music Lessons

Learning an instrument has been proven to increase memory capacity, refine organizational and listening skills, enhance coordination, and improve reading, comprehension, and mathematical skills.  It is an outlet for self-expression, builds self-confidence, and can relieve stress. 



Here's what some of Amy's students have to say about their experience taking guitar lessons:

"Our son started with Amy as a 10-year-old beginner interested in guitar, and two years later, he has come such a long way.  He has learned the basics of rock and folk guitar, including notes and chords and strumming, but he has also developed an interest in classical guitar and is now learning finger-picking.  Amy follows his lead, teaching him the music and techniques he's interested in, and supporting and encouraging his learning.  Her teaching style is enthusiastic and positive, and he looks forward to guitar lessons and recitals." - Grainne M., Irvine

"Amy is a gem of a guitar teacher.  I enjoy our weekly lesson because of her obvious enthusiasm for both music and teaching." - Bill A., Irvine

"As a five-year classical guitar student with Amy, I have enjoyed, and learned so much from every lesson.  Amy reinforces the basics, while teaching new techniques, so I feel I'm constantly learning new things every time.  Her comprehensive approach to teaching using music theory, technique, and practice have helped me come a long way." - Langston M., Tustin

"After training under Amy for more than a year now, it's clear to me that I made the very best choice of instructors possible.  It was difficult enough to find a quality classical guitar instructor let along someone of her caliber and professionalism.  Amy's level of personal commitment, energy, and passion for her art clearly set an inspirational example.  Her teaching style allows you to feel relaxed and comfortable.  Amy's technical skills have raised my standards of personal aspiration as an amateur musician.  I highly recommend her to any student at any level and to anyone in search of a superb guitar instructor or performer." - Steve T., Orange County

"I've been taking classical guitar lessons from Amy for 2 years and she is helping me prepare for college entrance auditions.  Amy has an amazing talent both playing and teaching.  She has helped me with posture and taught me various techniques to increase the quality of my sound.  She still studies by reading music articles and motivates students by providing recitals for them to perform in and encourages them to attend diverse concerts.  She is very sincere and organized and anyone would be lucky to have her as a teacher." - Haha K., Irvine

"I've been taking guitar lessons from Amy for about 2 years now.  When I started, I didn't even know how to hold the guitar properly, but now I'm playing all my favorite songs.  Amy gives positive reinforcement with a very encouraging tone.  I look forward to my lessons every week to see what new songs she'll give me to work on.  She never gives me more than I can handle for the week.  I'm very happy my dad found her for me!  I can't imagine taking lessons from anyone else." - Neely M., Irvine

"Two and a half years ago I decided to no longer put off the things I always wanted to do.  One of them was to learn the guitar.  I knew it was important that I have the right teacher or I would not stick with it.  What I found in Amy was a professionally trained and degreed musician with a solid background in music theory, with versatility in all guitar styles of play and with a natural ability to teach.  Amy's encouragement, thoughtful selection of music, and enthusiasm keeps me going as I continue to learn the guitar."  - Cindy P., Orange County

"I am pleased to endorse Amy Hite's classical guitar instruction.  Having recently retired, for the past year I have been taking lessons with Amy.  Each week, I look forward to meeting with her.  She is a great teacher and an amazing talent.  Her passion for the guitar is contagious and her patience combined with positive reinforcement has made learning to play the classical guitar both fun and rewarding." - Larry W., Corona

"It's been about three years that I have been training under Amy, and her eagerness in classical guitar has made me comfortable and satisfied in her class!  I am pleased that her guidance has lead me as far as getting accepted in the Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA).  When I first started practicing guitar with Amy, I didn't even know how to grip the instrument properly.  After getting used to Amy's friendly vibe, I started to look forward to guitar lessons, and I would assure anyone at any level in guitar, that you've got the right teacher!" - Liv H., Irvine