Ukulele Classes at Harveston

Ukulele Classes at the Harveston Lakehouse


Ukulele  classes  at  the  Harveston  Lakehouse  in  Temecula  are  scheduled  to  begin  the  week  of  March  2.    No  music  experience  necessary!  

Registration  is  now  open.  Space is limited, so contact  Amy  ASAP  to  register!

FREE  first  class  offered  March  2  and  3  only!  All  you  need  is  a  ukulele!

Ukulele for Kids 

Ages 8 - 12

Tuesdays 4:15-5:15  PM

Ukulele for Teens & Adults

Ages 13 -  Adult

Mondays 10:00-11:00 AM


Tuesdays 5:30-6:30  PM

Location:  29005  Lakehouse  Rd.,  Temecula,  CA  92591

Cost:  FREE  the  week  of  March  2

After  that,  the  cost  is  $150  for  10  weeks

The  first  paid   10-week  session  begins  the  week  of  March  9  and  runs  through  the  week  of  May  11.  Classes  will  be  ongoing  on  a  weekly  basis  and  paid  for  every  10  weeks.  

Students  need their own  ukulele  for  the  first  class.  Beginning  the  week  of  March  9,  you  will  also  need  a  binder  and  the  required   book.    Please  see  the  materials  list  below  for  details.

Contact Amy with  any  questions  or  to  register  for  a  class.

Amy  Hite:   (714) 496-6395 or

Ukulele Class Materials List

Classes  held  March  2  and  3  are  FREE  and  all  you  need  is  a  ukulele!  After  that,  students are responsible for purchasing all required materials prior to the first  paid  class   beginning  the  week  of  March  9  and must bring all materials to each class.   Please contact the teacher with questions or for help with purchasing items.

Required Materials

1.   Ukulele

2.  Book: Alfred's Basic Ukulele Method 1

3.  3-ring binder

*A strap is also recommended, but not required.  It is also recommended that students have a music stand to use for home practice, but they do not need to bring the stand to class.

Here are links to some of the materials items that I recommend:  


Any ukulele can be used in class. If  you  don’t  already  own  a ukulele,  here  is one  I  recommend.  It  comes  with  a  strap,  extra  set  of  strings,  tuner,  and  carrying  case:

Soprano  Ukulele  Starter  Kit


Straps  are  highly  recommended,  but  not  required.   If  you  have  a  ukulele  with   strap  pegs,  I  recommend  this  strap:

Strap  for  ukulele  with  pegs

If  your  ukulele  does  not  have  strap  pegs,  I  recommend  this  strap:

Strap  for  ukulele  without  pegs

Music Stand

Here  are  the  two  I  recommend;  the  first  folds  up  and  stores  nicely  and  the  second  is  heavy  duty.  

Folding  music  stand

Heavy  duty  music  stand

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